The North Devon and North Cornwall Short Mat Bowling Federation was established in 1987 to promote the game throughout the area.  Over the years it has grown to its present size of 38 Clubs and over 500 players.  The geographical spread is from Morwenstow in the West to Anstey in the East; and from Ilfracombe in the North to Halwill in the South.  Players are all registered with the national governing body, English Short Mat Bowling Association, through their respective County Associations, Devon County Short Mat Bowling Association and Cornwall County Short Mat Bowling Association

Competitive matches are played both in the main winter season and, to a lesser extent, during the summer months.

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Last Updated 12th December 2018

George Main wins John Crossman Singles KO, see NEWS page - Alan Wright KO 1st round completed. - Mary Kent round 1 completed

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Message from Competitions Secretary

There has been a small problem on the website which results in League Tables not automatically updating consistently.  I am working on a fix but please keep letting me know if you spot errors.  Inevitably there will be a few teething issues as the I develop the process but rest assured that the tables are manually checked monthly whilst the development takes place.

Mike Sutton


Message from Secretary

Dear All,

On the 26th May 2018 we sent out copies of the Privacy Statement with the entry forms for the Winter League and to date we have only had responses from 14 of the 38 Clubs contacted.  This is an important matter as if we do not receive a signed statement from you we cannot legally use your data on the Federation Website or in our address lists.  It is therefore important that as soon as possible you get your Secretary, Match Secretary (where applicable) and Treasurer to sign and date the form and return it to me either by e-mail or post which ever  is the best for you.  

Please ensure that you print, sign and return the full document not as some have done  a truncated version of the last page only with signatures.

Your kind attention to this a.s.a.p would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Bill Poppleton,

Secretary NDNCSMBF

North Devon & North Cornwall

Short Mat Bowling Federation